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Planning A Wedding In Florida - Or Any Other Destination - Is A Journey!

Helping to make this important piece more peaceful and relaxing - and yes, fun! - for the two of you is my top priority as your photographer. Your wedding journey will be full of options, maybe some obstacles, and lots of potential potholes. You deserve to enjoy the entire journey, so you can look back not only on your wedding day, but also on this very special time leading up to it, and have nothing but happy memories!

More Than Just A Name

The name "Bamboo Dreams" comes from Maui's magical bamboo forest, where the sound of the wind moving through the bamboo is like hearing the forest laugh. I chose bamboo because it represents the symbols for happiness and flexibility. As one of my couples, you’ll receive all the benefits of my photography experience and flexibility.

I am constantly navigating obstacles and finding solutions on wedding days without my couples ever knowing that potential problems exist. At each step along your wedding journey, you will have me here to help guide you, to make sure that your path is clear, stable, and super efficient, so you can just focus on your vision for your perfect wedding day!

And when we reach your wedding day together, I'll capture your exciting moments, your quiet moments, and your breathtakingly romantic moments, so you can just relax and enjoy them the first time around, with the peace of mind that you can look back and enjoy them for years to come!

It's not just a line - I really do appreciate you taking the time to get to know me. If I become part of this incredible time in your life, you become part of my journey too. I get to have a backstage pass, and a front row seat, to one of your most important days, which I consider a true privilege.

So Here Are Some Fun Things About Me…

I drive a Jeep, and a cup of tea starts my day. I love shopping local, especially at places with fresh food, happy colors, and cool new ideas. I'm always up for art fairs, going to the movies, and finding the best local ice cream. And I'm a lifelong Disney girl!

I Was Born Right Here In Florida.

I'm rather obsessed with pelicans, sunflowers and manatees, and I've never met a sunset I didn't like. I've had the same dream my whole life about a dolphin who lives with me, and I believe that geckos bring good luck.

I live here full-time, so I can show you Florida's secret spots, and give you the best local tips. I also love to travel, and have experience planning events around the world. So, wherever we are, your experience with me will be personal and unique, and truly unforgettable!

I adore soft fabrics and things that match. I'll go out of my way for great live music, sidewalk cafes, and bookstores. And I would move to Narnia or the Shire in a heartbeat.

I find great peace on empty beaches, in the quiet woods, and with my best furry friends. Above all, I believe in being kind, spending as much time as possible in nature, and trying my best to make life better for those around me.

I can't wait to get to know the two of you! So...

Let's Connect

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