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Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “these T&C”) relate to the website located at www.bamboodreamsphotography.com (hereinafter “the Website”), which is owned and operated by Bamboo Dreams Photography LLC (hereinafter “the Company”).  These T&C are in effect as of the date noted at the bottom of this document, and they are subject to change at any time and without notice at the sole discretion of the Company. The Company is under no obligation to inform you of any change to these T&C, and by visiting, utilizing and/or purchasing any product or services related to or provided on the Website, you agree to visit the Website regularly for updates to these T&C.

These T&C, along with the Privacy Policy also provided on the Website, governs your access to and use of the Website, including any and all content, functionality, products and/or services offered on or through the Website at any time.

Please read the entirety of these T&C carefully before you start to use the Website. By using the Website at any time, you hereby accept and agree to be bound and abide by the terms of both these T&C and the Privacy Policy, separately and when both documents are applied in concert. If you do not want to agree to both the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, you must not access or use the Website.


These T&C shall apply to your use of the Website, any related site listed therein, and any sites referenced in this section of these T&C (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Sites”); and to any products purchased on any of the Sites. By utilizing and/or purchasing from any of the Sites, you expressly agree to the entirety of these T&C.  By utilizing any of the Sites subsequent to a change to the Terms and Conditions, you thereby agree to accept and be bound by any such changes to the Terms and Conditions, regardless of whether you have actually read and/or otherwise reviewed said changes. If, at any time, you determine that you are not willing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set forth herein, then you shall relinquish any rights that you may have to the use of the Sites and any products purchased therefrom, and you expressly agree to no longer utilize any of the Sites.

These Terms and Conditions shall specifically apply equally to any/all websites that the Company may have owned or operated at some previous time, that the Company currently owns and operates, even if not specifically listed herein, and that the Company may own and operate at a future date. Unless otherwise provided, all references to the Sites shall be to any and all websites referenced in this section but shall not apply to any Third Party Sites (as detailed below).

These T&C shall also apply to any/all social media accounts owned and operated by the Company, including but not limited to any/all accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or the like.

The Sites may provide links to unaffiliated third party sites for reference or referral purposes. These T&C shall apply only to the Sites, not to any such third party sites, as the Company has no control over the terms and conditions applicable to same. As such, it is your responsibility to review any such third party sites for their governing terms and conditions.   Similarly, the Company does not endorse, nor does it bear any responsibility for the content and/or products provided on any such third party websites.  You therefore agree to indemnify and hold the Company fully harmless with respect to your use of any third party sites, despite any link thereto provided on the Sites.


All digital images, video, and other content contained on the Website and any resources produced by the Company which are available for viewing and/or download through the Website, are the exclusive intellectual property of Bamboo Dreams Photography LLC (“the Company”).  The Company retains sole and exclusive ownership and copyright of all such images, video and content, and the exclusive right to sell, license and distribute same.  As such, you are expressly prohibited from sharing such images, video, and/or other content with anyone else, transfer them to anyone else, or in any other way distribute same, including but not limited to: using, handling or displaying the images in a way that makes it possible for others to obtain them, or by posting them on your social media pages.  Commercial or any for profit use is strictly prohibited.   By using, reviewing, or downloading any content and/or purchasing any services and/or products contained on the Sites, you expressly agree not to infringe on or otherwise violate the Company’s intellectual property rights.   Should you violate this or any related section of these T&C, you agree that the Company shall have the absolute right to seek injunctive relief and all other available remedies against you governing same.


You hereby agree and understand that your use of the Website or any of the resources contained therein does not create any legal relationship between you and the Company.  The information contained on the Website and the resources available for download through the Website are for informational purposes only and do not bind or otherwise promise, guarantee, or obligate the Company to provide any goods or services unless and until a separate contract has been entered into with the Company to provide same.  And in the event of such a separate contract, the specific terms of same shall govern the legal rights and obligations of the parties thereto.


From time to time, the Company may refer to goods and/or services offered by third party individuals or companies who are wholly unaffiliated with the Company. Any such reference is not intended as an endorsement or statement that the information provided by the said third party about the goods and/or services they offer is accurate or up to date. The Company provides this information as an optional reference only for users of the Website. It is your responsibility to conduct your own independent due diligence and make your independent determination about any such product and/or service. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold the Company fully harmless for any result of any purchase or other engagement that you choose to pursue of or with any such third party product or service.


At various places on the Website, you may find testimonials from clients of the Company. The testimonials are actual statements made by actual and have been truthfully conveyed on the Website.


The Website is a public resource of general information that is intended, but not promised or guaranteed, to be correct, complete, and up-to-date. The Company has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information contained in the Website is accurate, but does not represent that the Website is free of errors. You hereby accept that the information contained on the Website may be erroneous and you agree to conduct your own due diligence to verify any information obtained from the Website and/or any resources available on it, and you expressly to indemnify and hold the Company fully harmless from any reliance you choose to place on any of same.


If any provision of these T&C are deemed invalid, null and void, or otherwise unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, the remaining terms hereof shall remain in full force and effect. Additionally, the decision or failure of the Company to exercise any right contained herein shall not be deemed a waiver of that right or any other right hereunder for any future purposes. 


By using the Website, you accept personal responsibility for the results of your actions. You agree to take full responsibility for any harm or damage you suffer as a result of the visiting, using, or downloading any information or resources that are available on the Website.


You may not assign any of your rights to use any content, products or services contained on the Website  without the express written consent of the Company.


By visiting, using the content, and/or purchasing any products or services contained on the Website, you hereby agree on behalf of yourself, your spouse (if any), your respective heirs, successors, personal representatives, administrators, executors, assigns, receivers, partners, employees, subsidiaries, parent companies, shareholders, officers, directors, and any other agent, to indemnify and hold the Company fully harmless, against any and all causes of action whatsoever arising from or related to your said visit, use, and/or purchase.                                                                                                                                                                                                         


The Company hereby reserves the right to refuse service to any person or entity without reason or cause, including but not limited to restricting access to the Sites and refusing to sell or provide any products or services mentioned on the Sites.


The headings and captions of these T&C are for convenience and reference only and do not control or effect the meaning or construction of any of the provisions hereof.


These T&C shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, United States of America.  The courts of the State of Florida shall be the exclusive venue over any dispute related to these T&C, and by using or visiting the Website for any purpose, you hereby agree to be subject to the personal and subject matter jurisdiction of said courts related to any such dispute.  Should any individual contract entered into with the Company for products or services specify a different venue or jurisdiction for purposes of enforcing that particular document, such election shall have no bearing on the choice of law indicated herein for purposes of enforcing these T&C.


See the separate Privacy Policy located on the Website.


The Company owns all of the content contained on the Website.  Accordingly, you are permitted to do the following with respect to any information contained on the Website, without need to obtain prior permission:

• Link to any specific post on the Website

• Extract any portion of a post on the Website, provided that you cite and provide a link to the Website

• Copy and/or print any information from the Website for your own personal, non-commercial use, and to share with other individuals for their non-commercial use, provided you cite the Website to ensure access to the original source.

If you wish to utilize the content of the Website in any other manner, you must first obtain the express written consent of Bamboo Dreams Photography LLC. In order to request such consent, please contact deborah@bamboodreamsphotography.com.


Mailing Address: 

Bamboo Dreams Photography LLC  

101 B S. Bay Blvd, Unit 1616 

Anna Maria, FL  34216  

Email Address: deborah@bamboodreamsphotography.com                                                                                                    

Updated: November 21, 2021

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